interior design PROJECTS


We carry out interior design projects for both homes and companies in Murcia, carefully detailing each element and space so that you can carry out the reform on your own or through our company. Our site management and our trades will ensure that everything is carried out as planned.

You will make only those decisions that really motivate you and leave the rest to us. We design to differentiate you, but also to have spaces that last over time. We create cosy, warm spaces with many options to give your personal touch to every corner.

How to start an interior design project

An interior design project can be considered a two-part process.
The first part is to find a style that suits you and your personality. This may involve looking at magazines, talking to friends and researching on the internet.
The second part involves selecting the furniture, decor and other elements that will contribute to the overall appearance of your new space. Taking inspiration from the environment and building on existing elements are important parts of any interior design project, and the results can be spectacular if done correctly.

The vast majority of clients give us the keys to their home or business so that we can take care of everything. They know that we do our best, doing our best to stay within their budget.

What does an interior design project include?

Interior design projects can vary in complexity, from relatively simple remodels to more complicated renovations.
In general, such a project consists of these phases:
First, plans are drawn up and specifications are created. These documents describe the general appearance and functionality of the space, as well as the necessary structural or technical requirements.
Contractors are then engaged and work begins. It is at this point that any unexpected challenges or problems often arise, which may have to be resolved before the project is completed.
Finally, once the work has been completed, the finished project is usually submitted for review. At this point, the customer can make any modifications or raise any queries.