Work process

Personal interview

The main step and the origin of every project takes place in a personal interview in which the client explains his ideas to us and we interpret his needs.

It is the way customers communicate that guides us in the right direction.


We start by working freehand to capture our ideas in a personal and unique way.

It is the most agile way of thinking and allows us to express ourselves more naturally.

2D Plans

Having a basic idea already sketched out, we go on to generate plans adapted to real measurements and scales that will help us to show the client a true drawing of the project to be dealt with.

3D Modelling

All the plans are raised in a 3D model in order to express more realistically the ideas previously shown in 2D. And make it easier for the customer to understand the spaces.

3D video

The final point in the design phase of our projects is presented with an exterior and interior virtual tour, based on the realistic expression of all the work carried out, in order to show the client the finished project before starting the execution.

Execution of work

With all the designs approved and agreed with the clients, we proceed to carefully follow the development of the work, paying attention to every single detail and having a meticulous control over the execution budget.

We take care of every single detail to achieve an excellent result.

Delivery of work

After reviewing all the finishes of the execution hand in hand with the client and after his and our approval, we proceed to close the work and ready to enjoy it.